Peace of Mind Camera


The PomCam is a small "Black Box" recorder system, attached to your vehicle's windshield, continually preserving an eyewitness account of unexpected activity outside or inside of your vehicle. With PomCam there's no reason to say:
"Wish I had a video of what just happened." You will have your very own Windshield Eye Witness.

Customer Feedback

11.08-2014 -- My hubby was very happy to get this for our motor home and he gave me the biggest kiss when it arrived. Yippeeeeeeeee.

Misty Q. -- AL

10-09-2014 -- You are right about battery drain. It was running 5 days straight in the airport lot and my SUV started right up. Nice.

Zack S. -- CT

09-14-2014 -- All of my fares ask where to get one and I send them all your way.

Mark B. -- DE

08-01-2014 -- The officer was very happy I showed him our accident. He said it saved him alot of time and trouble. Our attorney presented it in the courtroom. Needless to say, we won our case.

Steven L. -- NJ

07-16-2014 -- My husband and I have posted 3 videos of accidents we caught on your Pomcam and we are happy it was not us.

Adele K. -- ON

06-22-2014 -- We now have one in all of our delivery vans and could not be more pleased.

Lorin T. -- TX

06-06-2014 -- My neighbor let me know to purchase this. Will it arrive by my fathers birthday on June 11th?

Belinda J. -- TN

05-18-2014 -- Our children each have one in their cars. Thank you for the free extra suction mounts. Our first onehas been installed over 2 years and operates perfect.

Michael P. -- CO

04-22-2014 -- All 25 units are going strong in my cabs. It's been over a year and a half. Great cameras!!!

Kirk R. -- VA

04-03-2014 -- This is my second purchase. My dad will have this in a few days. Bless you.

Karin A. -- NV

03-16-2014 -- The You Tube videos you posted are very nice and I decided to buy one for our car and one for our Tiffin.

Drake W. -- VT

02-19.2014 -- 720P video is clear as a bell and the audio is clear also. The syste starts and stops like clockwork!!

Wayne M. -- IA

02.06.2014 -- Thank you for making these available. I bought yours because the one I got from Ebay worked for all of 4 months and quit.

Vernon S. -- NY

01.25.2014 -- You have the best website I have seen for dash cameras and now that I have been using your pomca for over a year I can honestly say it stands the test of time and has been working flawlessly in my limousine.

John T. -- BC

01.19.2014 -- My son bought your pom cam for me and it was a very thoughtful present.

Chadwick F. -- GA

12.17.2013 -- The quality of the video is exceptional and it comes on and goes off all by itself. I never have to fool with it.

Renee V. -- DC

11.26.2013 -- I have not had a single problem with this camera. I think it's going on 3 years owning it maybe more. I recommend it to everyone who asks what kind of camera to buy. Glad you guys are improving the quality. If this one ever breaks I'll definately get another one, though doesn't seem like it ever will.

Joe - Youtube Channel:

11.20.2013 -- I had the camera in for two weeks and had an accident. The video proved the truck was in the wrong. THANK YOU.

Darren I. -- WA

11.12.2013 -- My hubby will love this. Its an early Christmas present.

Marsha H. -- MD

11.07.2013 -- We saw this in a taxi yesterday and had to buy one. Your price is great.

Aaron K. -- NV

10.20.2013 -- I bought this for my own vehicle a year ago and it just saved me from a fraudulent accident claim. Thank you for having these.

Todd M. -- CA

10.16.2013 -- This is great for my mobile pet grooming van.

Phillip F. -- DC

10.04.2013 -- My third purchase. My dad will like it.

Wanda M. -- PA

09.22.2013 -- I have had several car cams and yours is like a timex. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Wade C. -- FL

09.13.2013 -- Mine works perfectly. You have a wonderful system. The italian guys on your website are so funny!

Angie L. -- NY

09.11.2013 -- After the woman backed into my car and lied to the officer, I showed him the video and he arrested her for filing a false police report. Then he had her car towed away. I love this PomCam.

Irv G. -- CA


Cindy D. -- UT

08.02.2013 -- I placed a link to your website on my Facebook page. It's my way of saying thanks.

Ken W. -- OR

07.27.2013 -- The nighttime recording quality is very good. Better than I expected.

Walker T. -- Alberta

07.13.2013 -- Our cabs all have a PomCAM in them now. Great price and great product!!!!

Mark F. -- AZ

06.25.2013 -- Thank you for having a sweet camera system. It is very reliable. I start my car and it goes on.

Charlie B. -- TX

06.10.2013 -- It is true that you get what you pay for. My Pomcam is still working perfect and it has been operating in my truck over two years.

steve W. -- NM

06.04.2013 -- This is my second order. I bought a similar looking one from eBay and it soon died. Thank you for having a reliable camera.

Juanita P. -- CA

05.19.2013 -- My son hands in the SD card after he drives to school and home. Thank you.

Sara W. -- MA

05.08.2013 -- The 3 pomcams I purchased last year have performed flawlessly! Now I find myself in need of a 4th Pomcam.

Malcom B. -- CT

05.01.2013 -- My son bought it for me. I like it. Will you post this email?

Earl K. -- GA

04.25.2013 -- Your directions are perfect and so is the camera.

Avery N. -- FL

04.08.2013 -- I have had this for over a year with no problems. Nice quality and great picture.

Larry S. -- DE

03.12.2013 -- Thank you for mailing my second one so fast!!!

Wanda J. -- VT

03.02.2013 -- This saved me a traffic ticket today. I showed the cop the light was yellow all the time I was in the intersection.

Thomas F. -- AL

02.25.2013 -- I have been using car cameras for a few years now,and I have to say PomCam has to be my favorite.I like the fact that it looks more like a radar detector than a camera.It takes great video and is super easy to use.I'll be getting one for my wife's car.

Jesse M. -- TX

02.25.2013 -- THANK YOU. I always worry about online sales. Because of all the creeps out here.. I will put you in my ok to buy from files.

Daniel B. -- IA

02.19.2013 -- The reason I purchased is your mounting system, features, design and the price was right. Recommending your dash-cam to my friends. Thanks!!

Jon K. -- FL

02.18.2013 -- We cannot thank you enough for making these available. One week after we installed it my 20 year old daughter was in an accident and the video proved her innocence.

Robin E. -- DC

02.15.2013 -- My husband put one in each of our cars last month. These are marvelous and work perfectly and I don't have to remember to turn it on and off.

Chelsea B. -- NV

02.12.2013 -- All the limousines have now been equipped with your cameras. I cannot tell you how much better I feel by having them in there.

Brandon T. -- CA

02.05.2013 -- The other driver lied to the cop about the accident. After I showed the cop my video he arrested the guy for falsifying a police report. I love it.

Patricia S. -- TX

02.01.2013 -- My wife bought it for me and said to make sure I send you a thank you email. Thanks.

George O. -- FL

01.26.2013 -- Thank heavens. Finally someone has full dash camera instructions in ENGLISH! Awesome

Walter J. -- UT

01.15.2013 -- Thank you for sending it so fast. It is working fine. Will my comment go on the website?

Daisy C. -- TN

01.02.2013 -- We now have one for each car. If we buy a third one would we get a discount -lol.

Kathy G. -- WI

12.27.2012 -- Mine arrived in time for Christmas. Excellent camera.

Reginald L. – AL

12.21.2012 -- Mine works very well. You should send one to Santa, to put on his sleigh LOL. It would be great advertising.

Aaron B. -- VT

12.12.2012 -- This camera was a great deal and our friends say they will buy them.

Tobias W. -- NJ

12.07.2012 -- I bought six more of these as gifts. We love this Pomcam.

Dustin G. -- KY

11.20.2012 -- We have recorded 5 road trips so far and play them for the grandkids. This is nice.

Victoria L. -- GA

11.11.2012 -- Now every campus cruiser vehicle has a PomCam. Thank you.

Trey N. -- CT

10.26.2012 -- A cop stopped me cause he thought it was a radar detector. No ticket, after we talked he wants one for his personal car.

Damian F. -- VA

10.19.2012 -- The packaging and shipment time was great and the camera records and shows video perfectly.

Catarina M. -- NC

10.06.2012 -- This was a present from my mom, in Canada. I love it!!!!!

William V. -- TX

9.11.2012 -- Ligntening struck my neighbor's tree and my car was 30 feet away. The camera stopped working and you replaced it free. Thank you.

Douglas P. -- MO

9.03.2012 -- This dash camera is all you say it is. I could not be more happy.

Julio T. -- CO

8.22.2012 -- My father bought me one of these and I purchased one for him. These are wonderful.

Walter J. -- FL

8.10.2012 -- Our daughter uses the car and she was in an accident. The other driver lied and the PomCam saved her. It is smart to use these.

Thomas. P. -- CT

7.26.2012 -- All 15 of our cameras are working perfectly and we have your company to thank. Will you ever have them on eBay?

Marylou W. -- NZ

7.13.2012 -- I had one of the lesser priced ones and it died. We are very pleased with ours from you. Major huggs!

Brittany C. -- AZ

6.28.2012 -- You may use the information I included in my email. My PomCam saved me from a lawsuit. The video will be on Youtube soon.

Tamara N. -- NY

6.12.2012 -- This my second PomCam. Had to have one for my wife's SUV. These are great! Thank you thank you thank you.

Robert L. -- GA

5.19.2012 -- The operating directions are concise and easy to follow. They are not what I typically experience. It's nice to see that you do care about customers. You go the extra mile. Bless you.

Anna H. -- CT

5.15.2012 -- Thank you for shipping our order so quickly. All cameras (22) are installed, no problems. We elected to turn off audio recording due to driver privacy concerns. That is a good feature option.

Lamont W. -- SC

5.12.2012 -- The car charger didn't work and you took care of it immediately. That's what I call great follow up service. Thank you.

Chad C. -- VA

5.09.2012 -- This camera should be in every car in America. It is reliable.

Margie J. -- AL

5.08.2012 -- FOLLOW UP: My PomCam arrived 4-29-12 and works perfect. The owner of the company ordered 6 similar looking cameras from eBay, not 4. They took 3 weeks to arrive and 3 of them did not work at all. Those are going back and she is ordering PomCams. Thank you for having a quality product.

Neal S. -- PA

4.21.2012 -- I have done alot of research on dash cams. Just to let you know, I'm currently saving my funds to purchase one. The owner I work for has decided to purchase 4 cameras that his wife found on Ebay. I believe you get what you pay for. As soon as I've saved enough, I'll be ordering mine from you!

Neal S. -- PA

4.2.2012 -- The camera works perfect and it looks sleek. I am most happy I saw your website.

Julio R. -- DC

3.26.2012 -- My cabs all have a PomCam installed and many passengers ask about getting one for their cars. We are advertising for you.

Robert C. -- TX

3.19.2012 -- Your camera is good quality and good value all in one. Nuff said.

Andre J. -- MO

3.10.2012 -- I bought one and then another for my dad. He appreciated the gift so much. Awesome camera!

Bailey F. -- NY

2.28.2012 -- You have a great product and a great price.

Alena C. -- GA

2.22.2012 -- This camera is all you say it is and more. Gracias.

Roberto S. -- CA

2.13.2012 -- I have your Pomcam in my personal vehicle and being a police officer I know the value of having it. This is a fantastic product.

David S. -- FL

2.5.2012 -- We love your website videos and the camera is highly reliable.

Chad W. -- AK

1.25.2012 -- My first dashcam was from a China company selling on eBay. What a nightmare. It never worked properly and took forever to get my refund. Yours is perfect. Thank you.

Shawna M. -- TN

1.18.2012 -- The camera still works great! Not sure how long I've had it. Maybe 2-3 years.

Mark S. -- CA

1.12.2012 -- Camera works wonderful and the packaging could not have been better.

Claire D. -- UT

1.09.2012 -- We should have had this camera last month but happy we have it now. Thank you.

Larry H. -- LA

1.03.2012 -- I like the way the video screen can close when I want. Looks nice mounted.

Frank V. -- MN

12.17.2011 -- You have a fine product. I will post some videos on the web.

Clifford R. -- AU

12.16.2011 -- We wish you a Merry Chritmas and thank you for sending it so fast. Happy New Year!

William T. -- SC

12-11-2011 -- I bought yours after the (deleted other manufacturer) just stopped working. The PomCam was a little more money but worth it. Thank you.

Chester L. -- FL

11.17.2011 -- The extra long power cable is perfect. The wire does not hang down. It travels under and around the dash.

Troy C. -- PA

11.06.2011 -- All three of our cars now have one of these. Thank you.

Adrienne R. -- TX

10.22.2011 -- LOVE all your videos on Youtube and the Italian guy on your website is so funny.

Robert Q. -- NJ

10.09.2011 -- This is wonderful. I start my car and it turns on.

Luna B. -- AZ

10.02.2011 -- 3 days after I installed it someone cut me off then slammed into another car. I gave the video to my insurance company.

Stacia W. -- CA

10.01.2011 -- Thank you for having this complete camera system available. I am glad I bought it.

Marcus J. -- TN

09.27.2011 -- This dashcam works exactly like you advertized and stays on the window.

Stephen. A. -- GA

09.23.2011 -- We caught the guy who keyed my neighbors car one afternoon, thanks to the 32gb sd card and your pomcam. Bless you.

William F. -- IL

09.18.2011 -- Its so simple to install and it works without me having to think about it. Great product!!!!

Aaron G. -- MD

09.12.2011 -- We kept switching our PomCam between our cars for trips and finally bought another one. These are perfect. Thanks.

Lashawna W. -- NY

09.08.2011 -- My wife let the guy who rear ended her tell the cop that she was backing up. He changed his story after the cop told him she had a video.

Mark B. -- NC

08.27.2011 -- I race my Nissan on weekends and my Pomcam gives me awesome footage. Thank you.

Stewart J. -- DE

08.23.2011 -- My husband refers you to everyone that comes into his repair shop. Tell people they won't find a better quality camera system for the price.

Pete S. -- CA

08.22.2011 -- Not one of my cabs has had any problems with the pomcams. These are worth the money. They turn in the SD card at shift end.

David H. -- TX

08.16.2011 -- Yours is the third dash camera I have had. Only wish I bought yours first and didnt waste my money on the others.

Sharon P. -- MO

07.31.2011 -- Pomcam arrived and was installed within 5 minutes and has been working perfectly.

Rick L. -- TN

07.28.2011 -- 6 of your Pomcam systems are in our fleet and we will be purchasing 20 more units at the end of next month. We cannot be happier.

Stuart W. -- VA

07.19.2011 -- This camera is all you say and more. Thank you..

Stacy O. -- DC

07.14.2011 -- We could not be more pleased with this dash camera system. My husbands employer will contact you about several for the company trucks.

Angela H. -- SC

07.03.2011 -- I LOVE that the camera automatically turns itself on for driving and then off when I turn the car off.

Rob V. -- CA

06.12.2011 -- I used to be an EMT for many years and have noticed that on 95% of the accidents I went to, no one ever takes blame, so I figured the camera is cheap insurance.

Joe E. -- IL

06.02.2011 -- It's a shame that we have to resort to electronic gadgets to protect ourselves on the road. This camera does the trick rather economically.

Otto G. -- MD

05.24.2011 -- After my neighbor was slammed into and the other driver lied, I'm glad I have this PomCam. You are right to be protected before and not after.

Serena W. -- DC

05.20.2011 -- My 4x4 club thinks this camera is awesome. Do not be surprised if the whole club doesn't get one soon!

Roberto S. -- MD

05.13.2011 -- They have a similar looking camera in Russia but it costs $275. Your price is better and your camera system is wonderful. Spasibo.

Sasha. T. -- PA

05.10.2011 -- My pomcam is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. I am buying one for my brother in LA.

Mohammed P. -- DC

04.26.2011 -- I start my car and it starts recording. When I turn off the engine, the camera shuts off. I don't have to remember to turn it on. This camera is great.

Carmen F. -- DE

04.24.2011 -- Your website made us realize that the unexpected can happen to me and I am a careful driver. Now I am protected from someone lying. THANK YOU.

Stephen L. -- ND

04.22.2011 -- I am pleased that your Youtube videos were accurate. My Pomcam works great. All should have one.

Rob C. -- MD

04.20.2011 -- I showed my Pomcam to my brother. He drives a taxi. He and 4 other drivers ordered one. This is a wonderful camera system.

Charles N. -- MD

04.17.2011 -- Knowing it is on and working has me feel more safe. Your system works perfectly. I start my car and it starts recording, turn my car off and it stops recording. I dont need to remember to turn it on and off and the video is great. Thank you pomcam.

Frank W. -- VA

04.15.2011 -- After seeing my PomCam, a friend of mine purchased a similar looking unit from another source out of China for less money. Not only was the view AWFUL, but within a day, the unit is no longer working. In this case, you get what you pay for. I'm very happy with my purchase and extremely happy with the service you've provided.

Sandra F. - Winnipeg

04.11.2011 -- My wife gave me this camera for my birthday and I bought one right away for my dad. These are nice.

Stephen A. - MD

04.07.2011 -- The first dash cam I bought from (Deleted name) wouldn't even power up. It cost me alot to return it. Yours works like you say. Thank you Pomcam.

Gerald M. - PA

04.07.2011 -- Camera still works perfect but SD card stopped working. Transcend replaced it free and paid the postage. Thank you.

Tyrone W. - MD

04.02.2011 -- I really like mine. If you ever make a night version let me know. I will want that one to.

Samuel Y. - DC

03.28.2011 -- My pomcam has worked flawlessly for going on 9 months. Super item!

Peggy L. - VA

03.14.2011 -- Both your 120 cameras work perfect and are eactly what I need in my rollbacks. Thanks.

G. Fox MD

03.04.2011 -- Thank you. This is a reliable dash camera that works without any problems and records great.

A.Clarksdale, TX

03.02.2011 -- Here is my second order for two additional systems-for mom and dad and sisters car. Is there a discount lol?

E.Allen, NJ

03.02.2011 -- I bought a camera that looked exactly like yours for less money. It died after two weeks. Then we bought a Pomcam. Month three now and going strong.

J.Mills, PA

02.25.2011 -- At less than $100 each, these were a no-brainer for my tow trucks. These are great quality cameras and I like the flip down video screen.

V. Walker, DC

02.19.2011 -- The pomcam is what we have been looking for. It's affordable, small, reliable and works flawlessly. We are buying two more to donate to our sons campus security patrol.

L.Armstead, MD

02.13.2011 -- My wife and I both love these cameras. It was so easy to install. Took me under two minutes. Thank you.

S.Carstairs, MD

02.04.2011 -- I showed my PomCam to the head of our campus security. She will be contacting you. She loves it.

P.Hayworth, VA

01.27.2011 -- You can post this exactly. Tell everyone the pomcam deserves to be in EVERY CAR MADE! It gives peace of mind and protection!!!

J.Proctor, MD

01.22.2011 -- This system is what you advertise it to be. I start my car and it starts recording automatically. Thank you so much.

A.Cohen, FL

01.17.2011 -- Just knowing that it is there, recording everything, is such a relief. My daily commute is about 25 miles and it is a crazy route with a lot of crazy drivers. Now I feel protected. I will be in touch for more soon.

D.Boyle, MA

12.22.2010 -- We have never had an accident but now we are prepared. Thank you for having these!

E.Christov, MD

12.17.2010 -- The university put one in every campus patrol vehicle last week. These are fantastic.

L.Washington, VA

12.11.2010 -- We are happy the low price did not mean low quality. We ordered another today.

F.Farmingdale, MD

12.07.2010 -- You have a high quality product for a reasonable price. Bless you.

N.McCormick, MD

11.22.2010 -- This camera system is exactly what I need and it does give me peace of mind. You named it right!

H.Spalding, MD

11.15.2010 -- Ordered two PomCam's. One for me and one for the wife. She loves hers so much she bought one for her sister.

S.Henderson, MD

11.02.2010 -- After I installed mine and see the quality, it is cheap at twice your price.

V.Wilson, DE

10.18.2010 -- My son just got his license and is a good driver. Your camera system has me feel better when he is on the road.

C.Dobbs, PA

10.11.2010 -- Tell everyone this system works exactly as it was described. It even records well at night.

L.Harper, MD

09.03.2010 -- My PomCam works much better than I expected. I tow many illegally parked cars and now upset people get real calm when I tell them that my video recorder is on.

R.Saunders, MD

08.14.2010 -- I purchased one to be looking ahead and another to record backseat in my taxi. These are good.

A.Patel, DC

07.16.2010 -- We have three cars in our family and could not be more happy with your cameras. Thank you.

D.Capelli, MD

06.19,2010 -- Your product is the talk of our little town. Everyone loves it!

F.Walker, KS

05.12,2010 -- My pomcam is awesome dude. I love it.

J.Kingston, VA

05.01.2010 -- I keep it on all the time and it works like a charm. Great product.

M.Carter, DC

04.10.2010 -- Thanks to me, five families on our block bought a Pomcam. Can I do sales for you? lol

B.Jordan, PA

04.03.2010 -- It works as you promise. I wish I had this three months ago.

R.Newman, MD

Why a 720P PomCam?

Like most purchases, requiring us to spend hard-earned cash for an electronic item we will use daily, figuring out which vehicle dash camera to buy can be a bit of a challenge. This is especially true, as your goal is to make the right choice and not have any regrets, after purchase. There are so very many different makes, models, companies and prices, that it can become confusing and seem overwhelming. Drivers, shopping for a dash cam all want the same thing. They want the dash cam that will best suit their needs, deliver great video quality and have all the features they both require and... READ MORE

Outside or Inside View

2 Having the PomCam aimed towards the road ahead is most popular among individuals that...

3 Taxi cab owners typically have one PomCam pointed towards the backseat to record...
The Basics
Fleet Needs

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